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Women walking with ladies handbags uk.

Unusual Handbags UK from Loli Bags
Funky Handbags and Unique Handbags from Loli Bags British Fashion Handbags.
Unusual Handbags and Pretty Handbags for Any Occasion.


Black ladies unusual handbags uk with pink star gem flower design.

Striped Tote Shopping Unusual Handbags With Pink Flower and Green Chiffon Scarf.

Unusual Handbags and Unique Handbags Features


Small Black Ladies Handbag UK With Zip Closure and Diamante Logo.
Loli Bags Barrel Style Handbag

Pink Flower Details On Black Ladies Handbag UK.
Beautiful Embellished Handbags

Bead and Scarf Details On Black Fashion Handbags.
Classic Style Glamour from Loli Bags Unusual Handbags

Unusual Handbag With Coffee and Computer.

Unusual handbags for ladies who love unique handbags and funky handbags.


Watch Our Short Fun Video • 15 Lolibag Ladies Funky Handbags UK In One Minute

Ladies handbags UK have never looked so fun.


Looking for Unusual Handbags? We have over 60 unique handbags to choose from.
Click here to see all our unusual handbags...

Image of Lots of Handbags.

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Unusual handbags from Loli Bags • The Original Embellished Handbag Company

Unusual handbags can be hard to find, why? Why not take the time to read one of our interesting unusual handbags articles.

Over the years we have done tons of research into funky handbags but more importantly into the lovely ladies that purchase them and love using them and wearing them and many of the ladies who love to just own unique handbags and even collect them.

Follow our journey of discovery through the many articles on funky handbags listed at the bottom of the page.

You'll find some useful tips and interesting insights into the minds of unusual handbags designers and the women who buy them.

Ladies Handbags UK

Here we explore the more romantic and sensual themes that we feel should be used in designing elegant and wonderful ladies handbags UK.

Fashion Handbags

What is the difference between designer handbags and fashion handbags and who draws the line? Find out why we think fashion handbags are the fun end of the scale!

Nice Handbags

Nice handbags sounds like such a weak word to describe such a useful and important piece of ladies fashion. Find out why "nice" handbags can be the best handbags.

Girls Handbag

Do you remember your first girls handbag? Why is a girls handbag such an important moment in a girls life?

Pretty Handbags

Where are all the pretty handbags? Why are all high street handbags so boring? And where can we go to find pretty handbags?

Funky Handbags

Pretty handbags not quite your thing? You want something more edgy and cool? You like looking for funky handbags but don't know where to buy them?

Sparkly Handbags

OMG sparkly handbags, is there anything more lovely?

Women Handbags

Re-inventing yourself, building confidence and looking fabulous can be as easy as searching out your most perfect women handbags. But are you bold enough to try a womens handbag that is a new brand?

Shoulder Handbags

What do other women think when they see your shoulder handbags? Do you look at other womens shoulder handbags and make some sort of judgement about them? Can we avoid any of this?

Best Handbags

Which are your best handbags? Could you even answer? If your house was burning down, would the handbags you grab first be your best handbags?

Unique Handbags

If fun and unique handbags make people think you are fun and unique, what do boring, bland clone handbags make people think?

Handbags UK Online

Have you ever bought lovely, new handbags UK online and then seen everyone else with the same handbag, everywhere you go? Just look a little deeper into handbags UK online to find something really special and more exclusive.

Pink Handbags UK

Pink handbags UK conjures up an image in your head that can be a little scary. But pink can be a beautiful, feminine colour evoking memories of happy childhoods and more innocent times, so search out pink handbags UK that use the colour but in a more sensitive way.

Black Handbags UK

Every women needs a collection of black handbags UK. But don't just always buy them from the same boring high street chains. Take some time to search out new and interesting black handbags UK brands. Find one you love and support them. They may be slightly more expensive, but remember your black handbags UK will be much more exclusive.

Embellished Handbags

Why are there not more embellished handbags? Explore taking your glamour to the next level and find yourself some embellished handbags to really make that outfit sparkle.

Unusual Handbags

Who is helping us to find more interesting and unusual handbags? Ladies handbags UK are making more and more interesting handbags.

The Black Handbag

What does the future black handbag look like, more technology, better manufacturing, innovative materials?

Luxury Handbags

What does luxury handbags mean to you? Forget the price, luxury does not have to mean designer.

Cute Handbags

Why are there no cute handbags in high street chains? Maybe we can blame the weather!

Girls Handbags

Why do young girls carry handbags designed for older women? Why is there not a sub-section of handbags just for girls?



A Message From Loli Bags Ladies Unusual Handbags UK.

If you are a fashion girl, we hope to show you that we celebrate all things sparkly including sparkly handbags. If you are not a fashion girl, then we hope you can see our ladies unusual handbags, UK style have a fun fashion style that's great for casual moments, but we also have handbags that have a classy, sophisticated fashion style that would be great for more serious occasions.

What are fashion handbags to us? In our fashion store we have tried to get back to having fun. So many top fashion brands have ended up very serious. Loli stands for fun and youth and so if you are a fashion girl of any age, we have wide range of youthful and fun handbags to reflect your fashion style.

What is fashion to you? We know you probably follow the top fashion styles and fashion brands, but even if you haven't heard of our fashion store, we hope you check out our fashion collection and fall in love with one of our unusual handbags. Loli Bags are suitable for fall fashion, winter fashion and summer fashion and I'm sure there is a Loli bag that is perfect for you amongst our fashion collection.

Loli bag ladies funky handbags UK love you back!

A Loli girl means a fashion girl and we love you all. Spend some time in our fashion store and see if any of our lovely British fashion handbags from the UK fits with your winter fashion.

If you are involved in celebrity fashion, let us know if you would like us to introduce your clients to our latest British fashion trends and fashion designs.

If are write for a fashion blog or are the owner of a fashion blog or even if your neighbour's dog knows someone who once mentioned a fashion blog and are interested in chatting to us about our fun fashion brands, drop us a line, contactus@lolibags.com.

Thank you again for all your support with our new unusual handbags fashion brand.

You Loli girls are the best. With all our love,

Daniel Wells and the Loli girls gang.


A Big Funky Handbags Thank You!

At Loli bags fashion handbags, we know what Loli girls want more than anything...

"Shiny Things"

With a fun attitude and attention to detail, Loli bags British fashion handbags aims to bring a unique and stylish attitude to fashion and unusual handbags UK.

Unique handbags UK will never be the same!

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Loli Bags Ladies Handbags UK.